Panther Express Closes $16 Million Series B – Silicon Alley Insider

Panther Express Closes $16 Million Series B – Silicon Alley Insider (I think we all know the players there)

Movements on the ex-clicker front

2 stories, fresh to report!

  1. Jenny Pollowitz (she has a new last name, I think Schiffman, hey I don’t get paid to get last names right here) has abandoned Yahoo! and their terminal microsoft acquisition to return to the Click!  We look forward to returning Jenny to the Marketer team!
  2. Word has it that Joy Cavanaugh has surfaced at Glam, current employer of Ralf Hirt.

Before the G-close, we’ll see who else can get it under the wall..

It’s Ren a long time..

James Renwick, former uber developer (i don’t know how to do the little dots on uber, give me a break) – is on his way back!  Poor bloke has to work for Allister, ack, again.  HAHA

I had no idea..

Melanie Hughes is in Costa Rica, working for a non-profit.  If I’m down there, I’ll look her up.

When you run out of jobs..

Allen Hamaoui, former Clicker, one who held MANY jobs during his extended tenure, working on software and ASP, ad serving and email, client facing and internal did leave a while back, but is doing well in his own venture, so I thought I’d share that update.  His company is growing nicely, so if you need some IT consulting services, check ’em out!

One more boomerang (how many more before "the change?")

Yu Ng, long timer QoS DTGer, who had left a few years back is on his way back.  AHOY!  I bet we can squeeze in one or two more before any certain deals close.  Is that based on inside information of hiring candidates?  yes.

Travel isn’t all bad

I was in Chicago 2x in the past few weeks and know I saw one ex-clicker and am pretty sure I saw a 2nd one.

On my flight back to Denver, I was on a flight with Brian Giacomin, now at Experian (still in CO, he’s been “liberated” from his prior role)!  Also, I was running out the RCC at O’Hare to catch a flight and think I saw Naomi Kagan.. I didn’t have time to shmooze, maybe next I see her at RCC

The Old Lions Roar

Kevin Ryan was on doing some hard core pontificating