a familiar roster of clicking yodler’s

well lookee here.. i saw that Yodle raised some money, interesting.  i saw they had a compelling local modem, interesting.  i noticed they had a management team of ex-clickers AND our own David Rosenblatt on their board!

 – meet Court, the CEO

 – meet John, the CTO

 – meet David, member of the board

Hard to fathom yet another loss

Sam Hindy, a new engineer and son of the founder of the Brooklyn Brewery, and of course, a recent addition to the DoubleClick team passed away this past weekend.  Very sad.  I didn’t get to know Sam in his 2 months..

Lots of press on this, because of his dad I assume.. Daily News Newsday

the wheel plot thickens

I feel like a reporter piecing this together.. I was talking about Freewheel and Doug Knopper with some Clickers yesterday and we weren’t sure of their funding, so did a little digging and saw that they got some funding from Battery Ventures.  That name rang a bell, more digging.  Bingo!  Satya Patel, former Googler and ex-Clicker works there!  Coincidence?

Getting dizzy watching the wheel!

I can barely keep up with the influx of Clicker Alumni heading to FreeWheel.  To add to the roster, Melissa Mulvihill and Laura Burkhart are both departing their former haunts for FreeWheel.  Melissa left DoubleClick and the rich media business she helped build at DoubleClick, Laura has been with Jumpstart Automotive for a few years, and will be leaving former Clicker Brian Ledoux, to try out the video model FreeWheel is launching.

KR strikes again!

KR launches yet another site – keeping the registrars busy!