Another long & sad day at DoubleClick

For a company that is so young and so full of young people, it’s tragic how many people we’ve lost.. and here we are losing yet another person.  Jen Larwa (f/k/a Schwartzkopf) passed away this week.

Jen was a well liked person by everyone.. she was one of the people DoubleClick hired when the Thornton office was opened, she was in support, a legendary DFA TAM, managed the TAM group and in her last role was prep’ing for a new training offering.

Everyone at DoubleClick who worked with her is heartbroken, her funeral will be in the Denver area Tuesday, 10/16/2007 at noon

Chapel at Crown Hill
(29th & Wadsworth)
7777 W 29th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

HR calling

When I first started, before I had Deni Stott as my HR partner, I worked with Trent Blanchard.  He has surfaced as a life coach, with his own site and a video!  Enjoy!

Alumni Referral News


DoubleClick is offering a referral bonus to any DoubleClick alum who refers a candidate we hire!

If you refer a candidate who is hired for a full time position, we will send you a $500 Amex card on his or her 30 day anniversary!

Win a $500 Amex Card!

You never know who could make you $500 richer!

Forward your referrals to alum {at} doubleclick(.)net" class="links">alum {at} doubleclick(.)net

DoubleClick Alumni Site
Coming Soon!
We are very closing to launching an alumni site for former DoubleClick employees! So tell us what you would like to see included.

Please send your suggestions to alum {at} doubleclick(.)net" class="links">alum {at} doubleclick(.)net


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Sadly, Alex Ng, long time Clickers will be moving on… but he won’t be alone at, joining the “legions” of former clickers, including the founders.

Also, recently at a client event, I ran into Kurt Spoerer, who remains with LMB.  He remains living in Cali and may be mistaken for JC with his locks and beard