More additions to the wheel

I saw Mike Evangelista now works at FreeWheel Media..

The big Hirt

Not Frank Thomas, the “Big Hurt,” but Ralf Hirt.. Glam CEO Samir Arora has a glowing profile in Forbes (registration required) this month; he also has a platoon of new employees. Tomorrow the women’s online network will announce that it has hired DoubleClick vet Ralf Hirt as VP of international strategy and operations. In July it nabbed Karin Marke, who was a top sales exec at News Corp.’s MySpace.  Glam says it has also picked up three other digital salesmen News Corp., though News Corp says it only lost one other rep to Glam. Arora says he’s not done – he intends to increase his sales staff from 25 to at least 40 by the end of the year.

Clicker + Clicker = little clicker

Former clickers of many continents, Eoin Townsend and Denise Colella are now married, living in NY and have produced a little clicker, Emilia Rose Colella.  They have some cute pics of the expanded family, congrats to all those involved (which I assume is just the 2 of them