some material to keep this thing current

Facebook is the latest place for DoubleClick staff, current and former.  Today I connected with Andrew LaVallee, currently a reporter for Dow Jones.

Today is Joy Cavanaugh’s birthday – Happy Birthday!

I had lunch with Cathy Hawley, still working at Abacus, she’s doing well – good to see her and keep in touch!

never been to thornton?


i took the liberty of sharing some pics of our office with a new blog that focuses on pictures of companies offices.. they have a bunch of other cool places to work like digg, craigslist, meebo, and netvibes.

happy birthday!

August 21 – Happy Birthday Christina Kerwick!

A Knoll sighting!

Scott Knoll is out there and landed a new gig as GM/SVP of Datran Media..

He used to work for me..

Ahh, the joy of Facebook – nicely linking me up with ex-clickers.  This weekend it was Martin England.  Marty used to work for me in the DARTmail EMT group and left to go work for Telus as a project manager – he remains there, good to see he’s still out there and doing well!