ex-clickers in person!

I just spent 2 days in Toronto and had the pleasure of spending some time with ex-clickers.  First off, we had a client user group, and Mary Broadfoot attended.  She was a DARTmail and DFA support rep who did a real good job and is now working for a small rep firm, Uptrend Media, she remains in Toronto.  It was good to see her and she’s a very knowledgeable customer now

Later in the evening, I had drinks with Ted Ma.  Ted’s a great guy and someone who was great to have on the DM team, back when I worked with DARTmail.  Ted is still at Epsilon, and now seems responsible for EMT, problem management, change management, ESM, and I think the facilities.  His hat rack is overloaded, but Ted remains the hardest working guy in the email business, full stop.

Of note, Ola was at the user group, he was a former email person who returned to DoubleClick.

Lastly – Kate Carman has returned to DoubleClick!  Kate is someone well liked by everyone who has worked with her and after leaving Epsilon for a stint with Kirby and the Gang, she has returned to DoubleClick, wunderbar!

Good to see these folks, but I had an ordeal getting out of Canada (flight issues), so while I hope to see them again, not right away

Also, Yahoo/RM closing, Microsoft/aQuantive closing, GoogleClick – still keeping lots of regulators and lawyers on the payroll.