Big change for Wenda

Wenda Harris Millard used to work high up the food chain in the DoubleClick media division (I think before my time).  she left for Yahoo!, where she spent the past many years at Yahoo!  Well, time for a change.. she’s left Yahoo! and has landed as President of Martha Stewart Media.  a) that was fast!  and b) probably a good time to move on from Y!

a smattering of photos

these were some of my fave’s from an employee photo contest a few months back.. naturally this is all powered by ugenmedia, adam benajmin’s company.

i mean, uh, imeem!

  • yesterday i spoke to alex tsai, former clicker (rich media & aol) who is now in the bay area working for online music community imeem.
  • also, former clicker money guy, Thomas Etergino, is now CFO at

keeping track..

I swapped emails today with Kate Hyatt.  Kate was at Abacus/DoubleClick and remains in Colorado, working for Corporate Express as Director, Organizational Development.

A welcome boomeranger!

I’ve gotten word that Kate Carman, well regarded by most everyone, is returning to DoubleClick!  Kate was a strong player for DM for a long time and left EI after the deal closed and she helped them get their systems moving.  It will be great to have her back!

Also, on a less good note: long-time clicker Diane Yu will be moving on to her next opportunity.  Doug Knopper and team at freewheel will be her new digs.

Lastly, a fond goodbye to Ralf Hirt.  Ralf is also onto his next episode, after ~9 years with DoubleClick, in APAC and ending in NY.  I worked with Ralf lots, for a time, with DCJ, where he was on the board.

the ad server goes on

Vince Li, former guru of the ad server, now works for panther, but takes nice pics in his spare time!  of cute birds he found too!

Hal comes online

not the robot, the sales machine!  HAL MUCHNICK joined Operative as executive vice president and general manager.

Clickers abound!

Doug Knopper has come out from hiding!  Running video start-up, with Jon Heller also on board.  Rumors of other clickers returning are bubbling, stay tuned!

I’ll be in Toronto in July and will try and hop over to the EI offices to see Ted Ma and the other former clickers that remain there.

getting zingy with it..

I’m all linked in now with Bill Mills, CEO of Zingy.  Bill was real cool, had some good moves on the court and even bought a slew of companies while at DoubleClick.  He ended with the Performics deal, project sherlock, which was a good deal, so Bill’s legacy is a good one in my eyes

I also swapped emails with Nicole Aste, who is in an operations/finance role at Yahoo!  It was good to say hi to Nicole before some “certain” deals closed

It’s raining clickers..

  • Sadly, Joy Cavanaugh is leaving DoubleClick.  After many good years and many happy clients, new challenges await.  I happened to be in NYC for her going away party, and there were ex-clickers in attendance!  Matt Ball, former email SC was there, good to see him.  And soon-to-be fomer Beyond’er (they can get their own blog), Neeraj Kochhar (soon to be Starcom’er).  Nice to see them and the network as vibrant as ever!