Frankland speaks

Sorry I stole your monitor

Former officemate of mine, Andy Jacobsen, joined LeadStream as senior vice president of sales.  I hope has forgiven me, when he left DoubleClick (and my office), I, opportunistically, grabbed his very large CRT monitor.  It’s still alive and kicking in Colorado.  But as the LCDs rollout, it’s demise is soon upon us.

I enjoyed my time with Andy, who moved from media to techsolutions and was working on some sales planning, or the like.  Andy was also with Google for a spell, coincidence?

The ex-clicker analyzes..

Nate Elliott, ex-clicker, now Jupiter analyst, shares his thoughts on Microsoft buying aQuantive and the recent purchasing spree.

from the past, comes a widget

Ben Pashman, ex-clicker, reached out to say hi, throwing in a nice shout out about the blog and to mention his new company, Gigya.  they provide widgets to ease publishing to social networks and the like, so this seems like a reasonable place to mention   Good luck Ben, thanks for writing!

Where art thou, O’Donnell?

Just caught an update that Frank O’Donnell is now Director of Server Development at Massive Incorporated, recent acquiree of Microsoft..

A courseware boomerang!


Apparently it’s better to be right..

24/7 being bought up by WPP, but for way less than rightmedia, so while Oleg and any other ex-clickers at 24/7 are probably happy, not as happy as the scores of ex-clickers at right

Also!  alliance data systems – sold!  blackstone bought them up, they are the proud owners of epsilon and abacus, who, obviously, house a slew of ex-clickers.

HR on the move

Just a quick update on an ex-HR folk.. Dana Teplitsky is now VP, Human Resources Endurance Services Limited. (looks like some sort of insurance firm)

OK, you do need a subscription

To to read this story, but it’s about the buyout of Right Media, founded by Michael Walrath, one of the many who broke their teeth at DoubleClick.  But a good read and some nice props for the clickvillers.

No, not Ted.

John Nugent has moved on to Responsys.  John headed up email for EMEA and has been somewhere since, with epsilon?  maybe, i’m not sure.  But good for Responsys for landing him.