Good parties are back!

Even ad:tech agrees – the good parties and cool new logo are good!


Also, special thanks to Jason Hodge for helping me make the new logo!


Lastly, Kevin O’Connor was at ad:tech too, the summary of his session

Going local is found!

  • Court Cunningham has been found, going local, as CEO of NATPAL.
  • Also, if you have a few moments, tune into KR’s podcast
  • Last, but not least, DART Mail alum, Zdzislaw Kedziorm a/k/a Ziggy, has landed at JumpTV

Yet another blog!

 DART Search has launched a blog as well — this company is hooked!

Time for a cup of Mochilla

Former clicker, from mostly the Motif side, Craig Calder has landed at Mochilla, as CMO.  (he’s the one on the right) .  I ran into Craig at ad:tech and Mochilla seemed to have some buzz about it.

Total Recall

  • First off, Tom D has published his final update, but a real good one, I reco you read this one
  • Also, exciting news!  I was at ad:tech this past week and ran into a slew of ex-clickers!  Firstly Doug Knopper and Jon Heller, who were walking the floor in a most mysterious way   something is brewing, i look forward to sharing the update once it’s out
  • I saw Jonthan Shapiro, but he was talking to someone, I chose not to interrupt
  • At the Ad Exchange party last night, it was wall-to-wall ex-clickers: Christina Kerwick (at D/L), Robert “Action” Jackson (at and Brian Ledoux (of Jumpstart).. recent clicker-returns like Damian McKenna and Jason Washing where there of course.

Need a consultant? VC?

If you’re in need, Kevin O’Connor has a new site and is in the market for “clients,” O’Connor Ventures is open for business!

Alex Tsai spotted on United SFO to JFK

The JFK–>SFO United airline route is a popular one.  Last night I (Rachael here, not Ben) was flying back from JFK to SFO on a full flight.  As I settled into my last row, middle seat of the plane, I am greeted by a haunting “I know you” flying out of a fellow DoubleClick alum’s puzzled mouth.  Alex and I had crossed paths a few times at DoubleClick while I worked in sales operations administering (Incidentally, I knew another person on that flight from, a San Francisco based company.  It really is a popular route).  As the intros unfolded, it turns out I was geared up for a seven hour flight sitting next to Alex Tsai, former DART Sales Manager product manager.  Alex left about 2.5 years ago, and has been busy ever since.  Alex now lives in San Francisco and works at a start-up called imeem.  Imeem is a community  “where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover new blogs, photos, music and video.”  It sounds like he’s got his hands full these days, but should be making some appearances at adtech.  You may run into him too if you’re there.

He works about four buildings down from the San Francisco DoubleClick office. 
Hopefully we’ll have some ads on that site soon right Alex?

West Coast continues to come full circle

  • Patrick Dowley, now embarking on his 3rd DoubleClick orbit (in the digital nerve center universe, that is), has once again joined our rank and file.  Patrick has returned from four years at Atlas to help the marketer team as it continues to build a sound base of experienced adserving sales professionals.  Welcome back Patrick!

Moral victory.. Atlas no more!

Rafael Jose, all around good egg, has left Atlas to sign on as Director, Client Services, for Jingle Networks.  I couldn’t root for him at Atlas, so now I can

Can he “make marketing work better?”

I recall being a new employee in one of Jonthan Shapiro‘s straregy KS sessions, before there was KS sessions.. and he walked around the room saying over and over our vision, “we make marketing work better.”  He also talked, as Chief Strategy Office, about our goals for adjacencies, etc.

Anyway, congrats to Jonathan, the new CEO of MediaWhiz!