Talking heads.. they talk – lots!

Why I Don’t Buy the Microsoft, Doubleclick M&A Rumors
Seeking Alpha – New York,NY,USA
Doubleclick, the iconic, poster child of Web advertising Phase 1, was taken private for $1.1B last year by private equity firm Hellman & Friedman.
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Microsoft Exec Thinks DoubleClick Buy Is Risky
WebProNews – Lexington,KY,USA
That Microsoft is thinking of acquiring online advertising company DoubleClick has been the gently vibrating buzz all week. A Microsoft executive, though,
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Searchazzi: DoubleClick on the Block…Perfomics too?
Search Engine Land – Redding,CT,USA
In the interim, we would be remiss to omit the big rumor of the week: DoubleClick is reportedly in talks to be acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion.
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Does the rumored DoubleClick deal make sense for Microsoft?
DM News – New York,NY,USA
Microsoft Corp. is rumored to be a potential bidder for online advertising services giant DoubleClick. But the media speculation has people in the industry
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Not really impressed with analysts

They just don’t seem to be as “in the know” as one would believe.. todays news stories:


Microsoft Exec Casts Doubt on DoubleClick Buy
Business 2.0 – San Francisco,CA,USA
Will Microsoft (MSFT) shell out $2 billion for DoubleClick to boost its online-advertising business? No way, says Microsoft executive Don Dodge.
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Microsoft to ‘acquire DoubleClick‘? – Dublin,Ireland
DoubleClick, which is majority-owned by private equity firm Hellman and Friedman, is said to be exploring options and working closely with Morgan Stanley to
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Don’t Forget about Other DoubleClick Sale Cash
ClickZ News – New York,NY,USA
So, in today’s ClickZ News coverage of how a possible DoubleClick sale could affect the industry, I wrote that Hellman & Friedman stands to “nearly double
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DoubleClick mulls sale of the company – USA
Hellman & Friedman LLC, which owns a major stake in DoubleClick, is seeking a minimum of $2 billion for the company, the Wall Street Journal said.
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Doubleclick For Sale, And GoogleClick Coming Soon
Internet Financial News – Lexington,KY,USA
As the WSJ reports, apparently DoubleClick is looking for suitors, and Microsoft is one who is rumored to be interested. Its hard to know if that would be a
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Microsoft could buy DoubleClick
Inquirer – Harrow,Middlesex,UK
THE EXTREMELY shy and retiring softly spoken CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer is thinking of buying the Internet advertising outfit DoubleClick.
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Microsoft/DoubleClick Deal Seems Likely; Analysts Question $2B – Westport,CT,USA
A MICROSOFT PURCHASE OF DOUBLECLICK and its Dart technology would give Redmond a badly needed leg up in its battle against Google and add anywhere from an
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Is there an elephant in the house?

It’s good not to know anything.. these are the same newsclips anyone could find one their own

DoubleClick eyes sale, talks with Microsoft: report – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Online advertising firm DoubleClick Inc. is exploring a sale and is in talks with Microsoft Corp. and other potential suitors,
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Micosoft to Buy DoubleClick?
Slashdot – USA
roscoetoon writes to tell us Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is in talks to buy DoubleClick. Seen as a move to compete against the Google advertising
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Danville, Ill., Boasts Digital Billboard
Media Buyer Planner – Elkton,MD,USA
DoubleClick is seeking suitors and is in talks with Microsoft, among others, writes Reuters (via MarketingVox), citing a Wall Street Journal article
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Tech stocks close down; Microsoft falls on DoubleClick talk
MarketWatch – USA
is one of the current potential suitors for DoubleClick, which was acquired by a private equity firm in 2005 for $1.2 billion. A Microsoft spokeswoman said
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Hellman & Friedman ready for $2bn exit Heidi Moore
Financial News Online US – London,UK
Hellman & Friedman hired Morgan Stanley to evaluate a sale of advertising agency DoubleClick, which the private equity firm bought two years ago for $1bn.
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Report: Microsoft, DoubleClick in talks
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, reports today that online advertising company DoubleClick exploring the possibility of being sold,
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And now a word about your brand (from Adam Benajmin)

From todays iMedia Connection: Protect Your Brand from Users, with the obligatory headshot/mugshot

Adobe grabs a clicker

Susanna Church has landed.. at Adobe as Senior Field Marketing Manager, congrats!

The Wise has landed

Bill Wise lands at Remix Media