From CFO to stay at home

Back when I started, the CFO was a guy named Stephen Collins.  Steve left DoubleClick to spend more time with the kids, and several years later, the NY Times just found out and included a photo of him in an article profiling others also “getting out.”
“Stephen Collins enjoying time with his children, Grace, Julia and Emma. Mr. Collins quit his job at DoubleClick in 2001 and seems happier for it.”

User generated holiday wishes

Adam Benjamin and the UGEN team used their self-powered system to make a nice holiday card.

Are you a Phan?

I was playing around with Phanfare and got an email from Andrew Ehrlichson (ok, it was a system generated one, not a personal one .  I checked the site and surprise – it’s the same AE from DoubleClick.  He’s the #1 guy there, with folks like Dwight on the board.  I like the site lots, it’s got a nice slick, but not too slick and intuitive feel.  Seems like a nice mix of AJAX and Flash.    I uploaded some shots, nice to support the guys!  Also, Mike Evangelista is VP, Engineering there too!

EMT, EMT, where art thou?

I know Eric Kirtcheff is a sales engineer (rich media) at Yahoo!  He’s still a nice guy and a good Mets fan.  But I recently swapped emails with Mike Reich.  Mike left DoubleClick and headed west to work for Yahoo! but has since returned to the east, Boston to be exact, and works in the QoS group of Gomez Networks.


A few ex-clickers have blogs:
1) Dave Frankland, in his new gig at Forrester
2) Adam Benjamin, at his new UGEN gig
3) Ari Paparo’s blog (he’s still a clicker, for the record
4) Rick Bruner has like 11, here’s just one (also, still clicker!)