Is there an Irishman in the house? (hint: no)

No, sorry, not more on Donal.  This time, David Frankland will be leaving the nest, headed to Forrester to decorate their conference rooms and more!  I thought after Dave got stuck with Epsilon, he’d never want to leave DoubleClick again, but this is a good opportunity for the lad, good luck!

Other defections, Adam Weingarten (SF, AM) recently left for <something>media.  rightmedia? smartmedia? mediamedia?

There’s a fun contest going on and people are posting all sorts of pictures from DoubleClick’s history, I’ll try and get permission to post them

Also, I hit my 5-year anniversary in July, and while I don’t get a sabbtical, I do still get a gift from Tiffany’s.  I’m going for the moneyclip.