The UNIX has landed

Former DCC resident and Prod-Sys UNIX guy, Ben Conner, left DoubleClick for a gig closer to his home.. he ended up as Sr. Systems Administrator at Verso Technologies – I usually like guys with a cool name like Ben, so good for Ben

Time to Open Pandora’s Box?

Looks like the box is open for business.. Former clicker, Denise Siedner, has signed on with as East Coast Ad Director, good luck there Denise!

Harken back to DARTmail

I swapped some emails with Joanne Lockman, fka Joanne Geridis.  Joanne headed up DARTmail services for a while in Toronto.  She now heads up operations for Royal LePage (Canada’s largest Real Estate company) is married and all is well.. She did spend a stint with Azoogle ads, where another former clicker, Ho Chin used to work and may still do so.

Former execs land, some with other former execs!

Hot off the presses, a few ex-clickers have landed:

1) Eric Kirby, most recently “CEO” of the email division was named GM/SVP of Merkle, a database marketing agency.. good for Eric!
2) Barry Salzman, former Pres of DoubleClick, the network, has joined ShopWiki as COO.  Most of us know who works/founded/funded ShopWiki

No streaking allowed!

Too bad, but Leah Holzman decided to go work for Bluestreak.  Director of Marketing, nice role, so good luck to her.  We wish luck to anyone who put in time for EI