Drips and Drabs

I swapped emails with “AB” – Adam Benjamin, who alerted me that his new operation, http://www.ugenmedia.com has its first client.. I hope I’m not spilling the beans here, but their first client is alive for viewing: http://www.congressin30seconds.com/ – give it a shot.. if you submit the winning ad, you win $5k.. that’s almost as good as “drive for hire”

A site for well wishes for Tom Deierlein

Dynamic Logic has a site up for Tom Deierlein – nice work on their part..

When Doves Fly..

Sadly, Steve Dove, 6-7 year Clicker is moving on.  Steve was in platinum support, managed the gts systems team, and most recently was a scrum master.  He’s moving on to work for NYC, managing their IT project management group.. sorry to see him go, but wishing him well!

This just in.. Tom Deierlein Shot, But Okay

Tom called to let us know that he was shot in the hip Saturday morning.  While the doctors are telling him that he should make a full recovery, he is facing 2-3 surgeries and 4-6 months of rehab . The good news is that he is coming home and is finished with his tour of duty.
For those of you who would like to be in touch with Tom, we’re in the process of creating a site where you will be able to post your well-wishes.  Tom will be staying at Walter Reed Medical Hospital in Washington, D.C., arriving this weekend.  That’s all for now.
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Phil has left the building

Sad to report, Phil Grieshaber has left DoubleClick to join the ranks of ex-clickers at Panther Express.  Good luck to Phil, ye shall be missed.