A sad streak continues (James Diver)

I can’t believe I’m posting 2 of these ever, forget in a single one week span.  Sadly, James Diver lost his fight with cancer and passed away on Saturday, August 18.  James was one of the best CIT guys the team ever enjoyed.  He started in NY, left for a brief stint to a law firm to make sure the outside world couldn’t offer more, and was welcomed back with open arms.  James relocated to Colorado in 2004/2005, and when he walked through my office doors, it was like reuniting with an old friend.  James was great to work with, friendly, and embodying a quality CIT-rep needs – patient and helpful.  I will post more info about donations or any other memorials.. for now, all I know is viewings:

The viewings are on Sunday and Monday (8/20-21), from 4:00 – 8:00 each day at

Crist Mortuary

3395 Penrose Place

Boulder, CO 80301