Would you buy from this man? Or at least go shopping with him..

Kevin Ryan Presents ShopWiki

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haha.. this is funny!

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Anuj Mohan

Not too much to say, but for those who had not heard, Neal Mohan (current, but once former clicker) had a brother tragically pass away.  They have a wonderful site that is a real tribute to Anuj, including a scholarship fund, worth your time to see.

Letter from my Iraqi penpal

Tom D, ThunderCat6, was kind enough to provide an update

Update from the north

Right from LinkedIn, Dana Toering is now Business Development Manager at Yahoo! Canada.  Also, not from the north, Andrew Lavallee, from marketing, has his own site and works for the WSJ.

Is it raining money?

The DoubleClick founders who have started Panther Express, just pulled in a cool $6.2 mil in VC money – cha-ching!  Read all about it


As another clicker has left to go to googler pastures, I guess it’s worth a roll call for ex-click googlers:  Most recently, Geoffrey Borggaard, joining Tom Fochetta, Dave Perron, Rob McDonald, and others?

A few more over the wall!

I don’t know the how’s, but I do know that a few Epsilon Employees will be joining (rejoining?) the DoubleClick family.  That includes Jerrod Jansonius and Tony Dyson.  Any other takers?

Former C-level

On LinkedIn, I just got paired with Mok Choe, who is now CTO at UBOC

Shopping for cash?

ShopWiki announces $6.2m in funding.

In other housekeeping, Johanna Shalhoub is now VP Business Development at siegel + gale.

ISP Relations Gun for Hire!

The guy who put ISP Relations on the map has left the good times of Epsilon Interactive.  Ken Takahashi has departed for greener pastures, to be named later.   Ken asked for mercy in this post, but I did manage to find a cute photo!