Tom D Update!

I got another detailed email from Tom D – give it a read, he took the time to write it

I could go on for some time..

A quickie – Touch Clarity Announces Appointment of Jeffrey Clayton to Vice President of Regional Sales.

In bigger news, DoubleClick acquired Klipmart this week, which brings a well known clicker back to the fold – Assaf Alster!  Assaf was a critical employee,  helping open the Thornton office and hire many of the key performers who are still around.  After a stint at Eyeblaster, Assaf has been kicking ass over at Klipmart as their Director, Client Services.  I had dinner with Assaf this week and we’re thrilled to have him back!

Also, Brandon Paine is back at DoubleClick, working to head up our efforts on search.

This blog is great, but I need to move it to a better platform and ad-free.. I’ll work on that, one of these days.

The long arm of the law..

I didn’t see this coming.. Trevor Gregory, former DARTmail staffer, has a new gig: Trevor Gregory, Toronto Police, Constable.

Would you buy a bike from this guy?

KR pitching his bike.. triathalon??  c’mon kevin

Also, I heard Anita Khubani is at FootLocker..

Catching up with HR

I got a cool email from Matt Norman, former HR Director.  He was chock full of updates

> Matt is at Universal McCann, SVP of HR
> Melanie Hughes, former head of DoubleClick HR is the EVP, HR at Interpublic Group Media (the media arm of the conglomerate IPG)
> Roe Panza is at The Gap
> Dana Teplitsky is working out of White Plains (I don’t remember the company name but I think it is a re-insurance company)
> As reported here, Courtney Kelley is at Take2 Interactive
> My own update: Cathy Hawley at Abacus, a Division of DoubleClick

Also, Matt is doing oodles of hiring, so let us know if you want to connect with him!

Send in your reviews

Our friends at ShopWiki have gotten some good PR, they are offering $50 for people to submit their video reviews of products.. techcrunch loves it.

Don’t take this out of “context”

Just got word of more people landing at ContextWeb – Laurel Xin and Jad Nehme!  Alongside Pav, Josh Rivel, and others, this could be the largest contiengcy of ex-Clickers.. I should get a count and make a graph.. as if I had time for that

From Motif to the street (.com that is)

Former Motif sales guy and clicker, Craig Calder, has landed at

Dynamic Logic is hiring!

Our ex-clicker, Christina Kerwick, asked me to post these, so post I will!

Dynamic Logic is looking for good people.

New York City

Rhode Island

San Francisco

Get a “rad” job with bets

Bets’ new firm is hiring, pass the word:

Full Time:
Marketing Coordinator
Online Traffic Coordinator
QA Manager
Technical Account Manager
System Administrator – Integration
Business Development
Marketing Intern
Sales Intern