India and back for Bets

Bets Radley has returned from her epic journey to India.  I recently got an update from her, which tells of her new post at 121Media.

An excerpt in her own words:

     I’m back in the Internet world at 121Media.  As some of you might know, Dave
Gwozdz is there so I won’t be without a
friend on the first day.  I’m really thrilled about being at 121Media — it’s
fairly new and growing.  As a matter of fact, they just moved into a new space
and only have six seats left (although I saw some space in the hallway!).  Sound
familiar?  I’m sure to have my hands full, but not so much that I won’t be going
to lunch.  We’re located at 40th and 8th so if you’re nearby or in the
neighborhood, let me know.