CPT Tom Deierlein

I know Tom and worked with Tom when he was at NetGravity.  I remember being invited to his party after NG got bought by DoubleClick.. to be honest, I’m not even sure if or for how long he worked at DoubleClick after the NG buyout.  But Tom was always a great guy and someone this industry can and will remain proud to have in its ranks.  Many may know, but I know well, Tom is in Iraq.  The guy is my age and graduated from West Point in like 1990, but remained a loyal servant for the country/cause.  Amazingly, he got asked to come back and serve in a capacity fitting his experiences, and proudly accepted.  Tom is the only guy I remotely know who has anything to do with the military or Iraq, not to mention he’s actually IN Iraq!

Anyway, Tom is a good guy and sends pics and long updates from time to time to keep us all up to date on what it’s like over there.  I pore over each update and devour it.  I, myself, will never be there, but I want to support Tom and all our troops, so gaining a better understanding of what’s going on over there, is just one little thing I can do.

I look forward to Tom’s speedy and healthy return and to seeing back at Dynamic Logic and maybe enjoying a cold beer with him one day in NYC.

His most recent update is here