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Getty their hands on some clickers

Apparently 2 former clickers, Barbara Rose and Brian Novy, are now working over at Getty Images.  Brian left recently and Babara just resigned all of last week, but technically she resigned from Epsilon Interactive and not from DoubleClick.  Word is that Epsilon has had a few other resignations, but I’ll let them start their own blog 😉

Tom D & Iraq, Pt II

This AM I checked my email and had a new update from former-Clicker Tom Deierlein, stationed in Iraq.  Read the transcript and see a photo he included of the people he’s helping.

The other Rosenblatt

Many folks remember David’s cousin (nephew?) Marc Rosenblatt.  Marc worked in the then GRC and spent his last 1.5 – 2 years working for Neal and Steve Cohn in BusOps.  Marc is in his last year at Kellogg (Northwestern) completing his MBA.  He found the site and we just got linked in.. Marc worked for me when I first started at DoubleClick, for about 10 mins 🙂

India and back for Bets

Bets Radley has returned from her epic journey to India.  I recently got an update from her, which tells of her new post at 121Media.

An excerpt in her own words:

     I’m back in the Internet world at 121Media.  As some of you might know, Dave
Gwozdz is there so I won’t be without a
friend on the first day.  I’m really thrilled about being at 121Media — it’s
fairly new and growing.  As a matter of fact, they just moved into a new space
and only have six seats left (although I saw some space in the hallway!).  Sound
familiar?  I’m sure to have my hands full, but not so much that I won’t be going
to lunch.  We’re located at 40th and 8th so if you’re nearby or in the
neighborhood, let me know.

Springtime engagements are in the air!

  • Rumor has it that Denise Siedner is doing well and is recently engaged.  Congrats Denise.  Drop us a comment / update if you can.

Updates happen in threes

Third update of the day, wow!  This one is another ex-clicker I am linking up with.. Dennis Yuscavitch.  Apparently Dennis is now a Student at Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business.  I have fond memories of Dennis when were back over at 450 W. 33rd St.  Including basketball as well being stuck there for the big blackout (of 2004?).  Speaking of basketball, Marvin Atkins is a former clicker as he went to Epsilon Interactive as part of the DARTmail sale.

A Whale of a story!

Microsoft bought Whale Communications this AM.  What is the significance of this?  Whale is where Jean-Paul Runge works!

Someone known to many

I IMed this AM for a while with Barbara Thanner, (her IM is bthannerstarwood if you want to say hi :-).  Anyway, Barbara is doing great, working at Starwood, which is like 10mins her house, lucky Barb!

This very blog gets its first piece of press!

Thanks to a mention from Adam Benjamin, Crains NY has a mention of this very site/blog!  I have a copy of the article here.  And I used my new GooglePages account to make and host the page..

In other news, Jad Nehme will soon really be an alumni as he heads for greener pastures as he departs from Epsilon Interactive.  Others mentioned in the article include Kevin Ryan, Martin Wesley, Adam, and Roger Jehensen.