Bye-bye Sinead Deegan

bye-bye sinead deegan – a great goodbye flash movie of photos!

Where in the world is Waldo, er, HR?

Last week was the DoubleClick alumni gathering in NY.  I wasn’t in attendace, but a bunch of folks were, including: Greg Pier, Steve Cohn, and many other.  Notably absent was some of the cool people who worked in HR at DoubleClick.  For example, Brian Christman, uber HRIS guy, who is now at Sirius Satellite radio (they have a certain host who is my favorite) and Courtney Kelley, now at take2games, they publish games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto).  Any other HR updates for me?

On an unrelated note, another former click is very close to returning to work with us once more.  I’ll post it once confirmed, so stay tuned 🙂

small clicker world

  • I got an update this week from Gavin Barber in NYC.  I hadn’t heard from Gavin since he’d left DoubleClick, but I literally bumped into him at Rob Grossberg’s sendoff party last summer (Rob is now at Visible World). Gavin, who used to work on the DoubleClick Network team, is currently at Dynamic Logic
    but will soon be heading off to Boston University for an MBA this
    fall.  He’s pretty excited about the program for non-profit
    management, which sounds like an exciting career shift.  He even
    managed to get a scholarship which is always nice, especially when
    you’re heading into the non-profit sector!
  • Rich Gustavson
    is working on some projects that is
    bringing him to the San Francisco area in the coming weeks.  Rich
    was most recognized for hosting Friday cubicle happy hour parties and
    keeping a blender and random libations in his “files.”  He also
    helped a bit with the Technology Group but left the engineering/Remedy
    development team in
    December 2005.  He is now working for a Remedy consultant firm in
    Wilmington NC.  While he’s in town we’ve got plans to visit Alcatraz
    and wine tour a la limo style, so you could say he’s in good
    hands.  I think we’ll have to post some photos of his trip.  (Rachael)
  • While we’re on the subject of DTG (DoubleClick Technology Group), Hugh Mannering who recently graduated is at Instinet in the thick of Times Square leading their Financial Systems Group.

up for some shopping?

Today ShopWiki goes live.  Go ahead and IM it a search!  Check out the exec bios, some VERY familiar faces (KR, Dwight, and Eliot).. well, 3 of 4, but the 4th went to binghamton, like me 🙂

bye bye burkhart blog

  • The 2nd unofficial Clicker farewell party blog
    debuted today.  Check out the snaps and highlights of Laura
    (Burky) soiree.  Could these well documented party blogs be a
    Perhaps for the San Francisco office it is.  Either way these
    parties seem to be a great draw for old and new clickers alike. 
    Guest alum appearances
    included Patrick Dowley, Brian Ledoux, Jason Washing and Robert Jackson.   Joe Apprendi who headed Falk NA was also in town and stopped in with Peter Fernquist.

Reunion, networking, call it what you will

For those who haven’t heard, there will soon be a reunion event in the NY office!  Let me know if you’re interested in attending and haven’t already been invited!  No guarantees 😉