Lots of updates – wow!

Not sure where to start.. a number of updates to share, so i’ll change from the traditional bullets to numbers so we can all print out this entry, sit back and take it all in..

  1. DoubleClick Alumni is now a real living group on LinkedInSend me an email if you want an invite, they have a bulk upload, which I’ll get to, and invite all the ones I know of, but in the meanwhile.. UGenMedia (not sure which letters should really be capitalized or not, sorry Adam if you ever see this).. I got notified via LinkedIn, which is a nice service they do, that Adam had a new gig and profile
  2. Also, my buddy Ted Ma provided some DARTmail alumni, which I’ll count as DoubleClick Alumni 🙂  I can do that.. John Vav <> Shane O’Neil <> Mark Dubowitz (the first 2 I knew a bit, Mark D – sorry, he pre-dates me)