Leadership for Results!

    • Back when I first started, circa 2001/2002, I went to the Doral Arrowood in Westchester for a 2-3 day off-site to develop leadership skills and review tests like MBTI, HBDI and other acronyms that are many lettered and fancy.  Anyway, there were like 20 or so sr. level clickers there and it was good fun.  One of the exercises was to exchange business cards with everyone else, which I did.  I actually had them all in my home office and cleaned them out this past weekend.  The only ones left from that trip are: myself, Mehdi, and Scott Spencer.  The last business cards to go out are: Gad, Pavely, Rob Willis, Talia Siegel, Lori Paikin (Abacus), and Cory Douglas.  There were a number of others who are also gone, Mark O’Sullivan and Marc Smaluhn come to mind, the rest I’m a bit blank on.