Greetings from the webministrator

  • A big hello far and wide to those out there in clicker alumni
    land and everyone else.  As Ben said, I am posing as Ben logging in as his
    webministrator.  Now for my first update and tonal adjustment!
  • I managed to track down Cassie Thibedou (’03?) who is back in NY, NY after her MBA stint in Melbourne Australia.  She works for Oddcast in
    business development so she “has to know their spiel.”   What
    is Oddcast?  “We develop brand-appropriate online conversational
    characters ( known as VHosts) that interact intelligently with
    consumers. VHost technology can be applied to advertising campaigns,
    ecommerce environments, customer service, mobile devices, TV, and of
    course, E-Learning.”  It’s no surprise to know we’d use such cool tools on the beloved GTS portal.