a streaker in the room

thanks again to linkedin, i got linked with former svp sales, mary byrne, who, as news to me, now works for bluestreak!  i had no idea!!  someone needs to make a blog or something and post updates on where clickers and landing.. oh wait, that’s what i’m doing, doh!

Bye Bye Bizell

  • Check out the blog created
    for the exceptional purpose of Robert Jackson’s munificent party in San
    Francisco last night.  Special guest appearances were made by Doug Knopper, Christina Kerwick, Norm Page, Jenny Everett, and Matt Ledoux
    Some great photos are also posted.  Everyone was in high sprits
    as the whole San Francisco office enjoyed themselves while catching up
    with the x-clickers.  

A member of the tribe

  • Got LinkedIn this AM with Chris Yatrakis, Sales Executive – Agency Sales at Tribal Fusion, Inc.  I sent him an invite to the alum group on LinkedIn

Action Jackson is graduating on Friday

  • Rachael: This Friday Robert Jackson marks another
    long haul
    Clicker’s tenure.  He will end his 7 year run at DoubleClick,
    which spanned both the NY and CA offices.  Robert will be joining
    Turn, Inc. in San Mateo, also in the online media
    industry.  Among the long list of responsibilities he’ll have at
    the startup, he’ll be deploying salesforce.com.  I’m sure I’ll be
    hearing from him soon :).  He will join Jason Washing who is already there.  Robert is available at his DoubleClick email address til Friday.

A Claria Solution

  • Rachael: Ok this is going way back, but recently I touched base with Bonnie Robson
    (’00) via LinkedIn.  Bonnie worked for the
    DoubleClick Media Network sales/am team in our of then 3 person LA office.  Currently she’s in San Francisco working at Claria (fka Gator) who today had a very big and relevant announcement  – they’re exiting adware!

Keeping linked in

  • I got 2 emails at once about former clickers that are in new gigs.  1) Andrew LaValle is now at the WSJ and 2) John Pavley is now at ContextWeb

Rich media assistance anyone?

  • I got LinkedIn this AM with a nice guy who used to work for me and knew a little bit about rich media, Steve Wolkoff.  Steve left DoubleClick last year to go work for Macromedia, which has been since been gobbled up by Adobe.  Steve was the man here, support, rich media project manager, then worked for the Motif product team, and for the last 4+ years of his tenure, he was one of our 2 rich media magicians.

Leadership for Results!

    • Back when I first started, circa 2001/2002, I went to the Doral Arrowood in Westchester for a 2-3 day off-site to develop leadership skills and review tests like MBTI, HBDI and other acronyms that are many lettered and fancy.  Anyway, there were like 20 or so sr. level clickers there and it was good fun.  One of the exercises was to exchange business cards with everyone else, which I did.  I actually had them all in my home office and cleaned them out this past weekend.  The only ones left from that trip are: myself, Mehdi, and Scott Spencer.  The last business cards to go out are: Gad, Pavely, Rob Willis, Talia Siegel, Lori Paikin (Abacus), and Cory Douglas.  There were a number of others who are also gone, Mark O’Sullivan and Marc Smaluhn come to mind, the rest I’m a bit blank on.

Fancy Panties

  • When I get re-connected with Lucy Yi, over at Figleaves, I thought that was cool.  I had no idea what Figleaves does, thinking maybe it was a dating site.. well, wrong I was, they sell fancy underwear and the like <blush>.  I didn’t work very closely with Lucy, a bit on SiteAdvance, and then we discussed a role for her before she left..

A Klipmarter

  • I got an email this AM from Assaf Alster, now director of client services for rich media firm, Klipmart.  He will be joining the Alumni group on LinkedIn..