a ver y familiar name

  • most alumni won’t have to think hard to recall the name chris saridakis, now CEO of pointroll.  he’s in the online press today with a Q&A with the iMedia folks.  He’s been there now almost 3 years, but he actually helped me get hired in a big way.  Chris and Gian Lombardi (also at pointroll, along with andy ellenthal and i think kathryn stevenson) were my first AM/AD folks back when I was at Hachette, yea, we’re talking like 1998 or 1999.


  • I spoke to Josh Rivel today, former NetEng datasec guy, he now works for Affinion Group.  Josh was a great guy to work with in NetEng

Houston – we have a logo!

  • I’m not a graphic designer, but I know my way around some layers in paintshop pro.. and with the handy-dandy new font (blockhead, it actually makes sense), i made little logo.  it wasnt my idea, i was sort of forced.  i submitted the site for www.linkedin.com, see post #1, and they wanted a logo to post this group in their groups listing, and so it goes, i made a logo.  hope you like it, this was the size they wanted, but i have the EPS and will probably make a bigger one someday, but not to-day.

EMEA Update!

  • I got a nice email from Donal Kane, who now works for ValueClick in London.. with him are Barnaby CHapman and Vanessa Kent, I had no idea! 
  • I know Manuel PDL is still over there, I think with Falk
  • There are probably oodles of other IE and EMEA alumni, feel free to let me know and I’ll post it..
  • Speaking of which, I just met May Sari, who moved to NY from London to help sell DART Search
  • This site is getting some traffic, I don’t know how – could this site be viral!??


    • Clickers I know are at Google: Rob McDonald, Jane Risien, Dave Perron, Rachel Sadkin, Ann-Lee Chou.. there are a number of others, but just not names I’m as familiar with.. That’s a hefty number, up there with Yahoo!


  • Swapped some emails today with Oleg Vishnepolsky, he now works for AOL.  He and I commuted for a while, it was lots of fun.. he has all sorts of good stories and he taught me some number games to play with license plates (sounds geeky, but he is a nuclear physicist and helped invent tcp i think)

Alumni update

  • Ol’ pal Christina Kerwick and I IM’ed today, she’s over at Dynamic Logic

Clickers have sites

Many clickers have their own personal sites.. one day I’ll add a directory to this server or something, until then you just get a bunch of links 🙂

> Ari Paparo
> Rick Bruner has a whole catalog of sites, I’ll stick with the basics
> Steven Golus
> Mehdi had one, but it’s just parked

DoubleClick is Hiring!

DoubleClick is hiring a Solutions Consultant for the NY office (or SF I think) – email if you know someone, c’mon, you probably do!

Do you have a deep knowledge of DART products, the online publishing industry, and a desire to win?

Join a team of DoubleClick seasoned professionals. These are gold collar knowledge workers who strive to be the pillars of technical credibility behind every sale.

You must be a team player with a strong desire for winning.

You will work side by side with our sales and account management team on the front lines winning new business and defending revenue.

You have to be as comfortable with internet protocols as you are in front of a room of C level executives and spending much of your time at 30,000 feet.

You must be analytical in nature with strong problem solving skills.

Project Management, Solutions Selling, Presentation Skills, a plus.

More alum updates

I just had a nice long catch-up with Jason Washing.. he’s at http://www.turn.com – I can’t say much or anything about what they are up to.. but he is hiring!  Let me know if you need contact info.  Must be exciting to be one of those companies in stealth mode 🙂