Entry Numero Un

Welcome to the DoubleClick alumni blog!  I’m not sure where I got the idea.. oh yea, I remember now!  I was using LinkedIn and noticed other folks I knew who were members of the PeopleSoft alumni and Oracle alumni associations and realized DoubleClick has quite a deep and impressive alumni roster, so I went out and got this domain to play around with and see if I ever had 10 minutes to do something with.

I got the domain on godaddy.com for like $2.99, but, as you can see, they throw their annoying ad on the page, and they have 15 packages to upgrade to to remove it, but since I don’t really know where this is all headed, I’m reluctant to make an investment.

My name is Ben and I’ve been with DoubleClick for 4.5 years.  I started in NY and moved to the Thornton, CO office in Feb of 2004.  I hope you like this blog and site, if so, let me know – clicker @ doubleclickalumni.org (yea, fix that to help me avoid being spammed 🙂